Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review week

This past week was a review week for our classroom. We had a lot of the same centers from the previous weeks but I did add some new items for them to explore.
In our dramatic play center we added breakfast food items. The kids loved this felt pancakes and eggs and of course bacon! I loved watching them putting them in bowls and cooking them! 
 We had our babies in our dramatic play center as well and after they ate their breakfast they of course had to have a bath. The boys in my class really got into taking care of the babies!
(he is washing the babies face )
 I also added books on tape to our library center. Our book was an A book and they loved it. This cute guy wasn't listening to the story at this moment but I loved how he was sitting and reading!
 The boys decided it was bed time for the babies. They tucked them in and were all telling the babies night night stories. It was seriously the cutest thing ever!
So there was lots of B things added including, babies, bathtime, bedtime, breakfast, book on tape. I did have quite a few A things out but they were previous things I had already posted about.

It was a great review week! Next week will be all about Letter C which means lots of: colors, cutting (practicing), crayons, caterpillars, counting game, cup/color match game, cakes, cupcakes, cars, car wash, construction, and computers. There will be lots to post about next week! :)

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