Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letter A Centers

This week is our 3rd week of school but our first week to really dive into everything. I love this week because I begin introducing the kids to the alphabet and counting. It is such a fun week because we get our first playtime with new toys that go along with our lessons.

Dramatic Play:
This center is my favorite and was a favorite with most of the kids today. This week it has been turned into the "Animal Hospital". I have stuffed animals that have came to the hospital very sick and my kids have to help them feel better. This center is set up with a waiting area where the animals wait for their name to be called. I have two clipboards in the center that have sheets on them that each child can fill out about their patient. There is all sorts of doctor tools to use including band aids made out of felt and Velcro. There is a treat bowl for each animal that is a good patient as well as pretend food and water for them to have. It is definitely a lot of fun.

This is our airport for the week. It has its own airplane and runway with different locations for the airplane to arrive too. They have had fun with this as well.

Fine Motor:
I have an alligator game from when I was a child that is the favorite in this center. You have to help the alligator out by pulling his teeth for him. It's a great way to work fine motor skills and the kids love it. There is also animal sorting. I have a muffin tin with different colors in each one. The kids have to sort the colored animal beads into the right spot. I also have a small block puzzle made by Melissa and Doug, you have to match the two sides together in order to make the correct sound on the picture.

For art center we have different animal stamps and a red ink pad for them to stamp the animals on.

In science center we have alligators and ants. Not real ants because I am too worried about them getting out but we do have picture books about ants.

For this center I added some new animal puppets and some new letter A books.

I have found some letter tracing games on the ipad for them to play and also have a small computer for them to play learning games on.

So that is my list of new activities in our learning center for this week. The kids are so excited and have had a blast today playing in them. I will get pictures up soon of each center and everything in it but I had to add a couple pictures of my class doctors today. They took very good care of the animals!

Happy Playing! :)

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