Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Letter A Center Pictures

Just a short post so I can look back on the set up of our letter A learning centers. The kids are still having so much fun this week!
Animal Hospital:
We have a bench for the animals to sit and wait for their name to be called. After they are called they go to the exam room to be checked out. (I printed free printables from teacher pay teachers, I have an eye chart and pretend doctor certificate)

 This is our clipboards that they use to fill out on each patient. I found these on pinterest as a free printable.
 Fine Motor:
I have some colored animal beads that they can sort out into the muffin container. There is a colored dot in the bottom of each one.
 This alligator has been around for quite some time and it is still one of the most played with toys in my room. You can pull the teeth out and if you pull the wrong one his mouth will close.
 I couldn't resist posting this picture of some of my boys helping out our sick animals. They were doing a great job! :)

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