Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Letter C learning Centers

This week we started learning all about letter C! It's been a super fun week filled with: cakes, cupcakes, cookies, car washes, colors, cutting, crayons, cats, cars, and cooks!!!

For one of our fine motor activities I put a bunch of pom pom balls in a container and then put different colored dots on the bottom of small cups. The kids have really got into sorting all the pom pom colors in the the cups!!
One of my good friends made me some felt cookies with chocolate chips on them! Each cookie has a different amount of chips on them. I made paper cookies on a baking sheet and let the kids match it to the right ones using a spatula! This was such a fun idea!
One things we talked about with letter C was cold. So I put the game of don't break the ice out for the kids and had them try to build a cold house! I wanted to be able to use my game for other centers and this worked out very well. They would even put gloves on so the ice wouldn't make their hands cold when they were building!
I introduced cutting this week and the kids did great!!! I had some leftover "birds nest" that I had used for my beginning of school d├ęcor that I let them cut up! They worked out great and were the perfect material for them to practice with. I also included a small dustpan and sweeper to help clean up all the little pieces! I haven't had one problem with a big paper mess because they love the cleaning as much as the cutting!

For dramatic play we had a cakes and cupcakes shop! We made a small menu where they got to list the prices of each thing and they also could display them on the little racks as well. They had lots of fun taking orders and making cakes and cupcakes for their friends. Oh and who could forget the coffee to drink as well! 
 They used the clipboard to circle what the customers order was!


It has been a very fun week! :)

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