Thursday, August 8, 2013

My classroom learning centers

I am so very excited to be able to share my learning centers for the new school year. I have spent a lot of time studying and preparing each of the centers in my room. I teach 3 year olds and so I don't have a lot of things out for the start of school. I allow plenty for them to play with but toys that are easy to play with and that I can teach with. The first two weeks we review colors and shapes so the items in my center will all be things that are colorful or involve shapes. I use my centers as part of my teaching so I want everything to flow together. A lot of these first few weeks will also be getting them used to learning centers in my room and how they work.

These pictures are on overview of my room and how it looks. A while back I had seen a classroom on schoolgirlstyle where she decorated with birds. I had thought of the idea before and loved how she made birds nest to hang from her ceiling. I went with the idea and incorporated it into my classroom. I made all the birds myself using scrapbook paper and a template that my husband cut for me. I made the nest out of brown tissue paper. My primary colors are blue and green.
 I love my footprints this year. This is a huge help when lining up to leave the room.
 These is my parents spot. It's just an area that I will keep information for my parents as well as a way for them to see what is going on in the week. The board area will also hold the monthly calendar and the lunch menu. You will also see my sucker tree that the kids get to choose from at the end of the day and our special Mr. Potato Head. I use him as a tool for walking in the hallway the correct way. If our class gets a compliment when we are walking down the hallway then the line leader gets to put a piece on Mr. Potato Head. When he is completely done then we get to have an ice cream party! The kids love it!
This is my learning area. I used a lot of resources off of teacherspayteachers. It is a great site! It is important to note that my learning center is facing away from my center toys. It is way too distracting if they are sitting in the middle of a center while you are trying to teach.

An overview picture of my learning centers. You will see each of my center signs. I made them all myself out of foam board and duct tape for the border. I used vinyl letters to make the words. My centers are spaced apart giving each one plenty of space.

Fine Motor Center: In this center I have placed toys that are colorful and have shapes.
-Mr. potato head
-paper dolls
Science Center:
-magnet toys
-sensory bottles

Library Center:
-book to do with colors or shapes
-puppet are with small puppets

Block Center:
-wooden blocks
-little people
-playground and school play set
-tool bench

Art Center:
-color stickers
-colored pencils
-colored paper
-trash can for sticker pieces


Dramatic Play:
-this is regular home living toys
-cooking utensils
-plates cups
-food items
-kitchen clean up items


I really do enjoy setting up each of these center. I am excited to show my class the center and be apart of learning all sorts of new things through the year.

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